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Physician Speaking by KevinMD is a boutique speakers bureau founded by Kevin Pho, MD.

Kevin is the founder of KevinMD, social media’s leading physician voice, and an acclaimed keynote speaker who shares his story nationwide with both clinicians and non-clinicians at major medical conferences.

He matches you with select physician speakers who have been personally coached or handpicked by Kevin himself.  These physicians are not only amazing speakers, but are also practicing physicians who have experience in sharing their story at acclaimed venues like the Toastmasters International World Championships of Public Speaking and the TEDx stage.  

Kevin understands that planning a conference is stressful, with lots of moving parts.  As an experienced keynote speaker for conferences both large and small, Kevin aims to make your job easier by connecting you with vetted, proven, and experienced physician speakers.

Thank you for your interest, and welcome to Physician Speaking by KevinMD.



Why choose Physician Speaking by KevinMD?

1. Direct interaction with Kevin Pho, MD. Kevin himself will be your contact, guide you through the process, and match you with the physician speaker who best fits your event.  

2. Topics that resonate. As a practicing internal medicine physician, and the founder of KevinMD, social media’s leading physician voice, Kevin knows the issues that today’s clinicians care about.  His curated group of physician speakers communicate the topics that matter.

3. Amazing speakers. Your audience deserves the best: Kevin chooses dynamic speakers that shine on stage.  They keynote major conferences, garner historically high audience ratings, and win international speaking awards.  And as practicing physicians themselves, their message resonates with your clinician audience.


Physician speakers

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Kevin Pho, MD

Kevin Pho, MD is a health care social media leader since 2004, a practicing, board-certified internal medicine physician, a national media commentator, and co-author of the book, Establishing, Managing, and Protecting Your Online Reputation: A Social Media Guide for Physicians and Medical Practices.

These perspectives define his unique social media journey, and his story has brought audiences to their feet.

Kevin shares his story nationwide with both clinicians and non-clinicians, and regularly keynotes major conferences.

Kevin built the KevinMD platform from scratch in 2004.  It now receives over 3 million monthly page views, and exceeds 250,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter.  Kevin was named the web’s top social media influencer in health care and medicine. The New York Times called KevinMD “a highly-coveted publishing place for doctors and patients.” Forbes called KevinMD a “must-read health blog.” And CNN named @KevinMD one of its five recommended Twitter health feeds.

Kevin’s signature keynote, “Connect and be heard: Make a difference in heath care with social media,” takes your audience through Kevin’s social media journey since 2004.  With video, audio, and an emphasis on storytelling, he inspires audiences to use social media and be health care influencers in the following ways:

  • Strengthen the doctor-patient relationship
  • Make your voice heard in the health reform conversation
  • Turn the tide against clinician burnout
  • Define an online reputation
  • Share your health care story
  • Connect with mainstream media
  • Respond to clinician rating sites
Dr. Pho delivered one of the top 10 presentations I’ve had the privilege of hearing. He was both entertaining and intriguing, thoughtful and thought-provoking, delivering a strong intellectual appeal and call to action.

Lynette Charity, MD

Lynette Charity, MD is a board-certified anesthesiologist with over 35 years of experience "putting people to sleep." She is also an author, humorist and award-winning international speaker. 

Lynette competed in the semifinals of Toastmasters International World Championship of Public Speaking held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2014 where she won a 3rd place trophy. Out of her many award-winning speeches, she is most passionate about "Beware of Dream Smashers." 

In aspiring to become a doctor, Lynette met many dream smashers; people who wanted to “squish, squash, stomp” on her dream. She persevered and now wants to wake people up to go after their dreams. She has a special place in her heart for women, students, volunteers, caregivers, and dreamers, but her authentic style will appeal to anyone. Her journey from the projects to prosperity is an exceptional one. 

Lynette graduated with honors from Chatham College for Women in Pittsburgh, PA and received her MD degree from Tufts University School of Medicine. She has practiced nationally, internationally, and maintained a long private practice career. Drawing from her vast experience, she delivers personal and powerful stories that educate and inspire. She speaks to various groups in her capacity as a medical expert in the field of anesthesiology, and her presentations are always sprinkled with humor.

Lynette speaks about the following topics:

  • Physician resiliency and burnout
  • Surviving and thriving after a medical liability lawsuit
  • Staying inspired throughout your medical training and career
  • Gender and racial bias and discrimination in medicine
Dr. Charity was absolutely fantastic and engaging! She generated the emotion and the image we were looking for to motivate and inspire.

Jennifer Shine Dyer, MD, MPH

Jennifer Shine Dyer MD, MPH is a pediatric endocrinology physician in private practice, social media enthusiast, Stanford artificial pancreas researcher, and app developer/tech entrepreneur in Columbus, Ohio.  She has a patient-centered focus looking to make health outcomes better for people living with diabetes or other chronic diseases with technology.

She focuses on how technology can solve clinical problems and bring joy back to medicine.

As an entrepreneur, she created the startup EndoGoddess, LLC in 2011 which entered into partnership with a larger local mobile software startup, Duet Health (eProximiti). Together they developed the EndoGoddess app in 2011, and the EndoGoal app in 2012 for patients with diabetes who require insulin therapy and need motivation for glucose and insulin tracking.

Jennifer is currently creating a new diabetes-specific video game for kids with diabetes in collaboration with The Ohio State University College of Engineering and Computer Science.

Jennifer is an experienced keynote speaker and has appeared on the TEDx stage.  Her story focuses on how technology can solve clinical problems and bring joy back to medicine.

Jennifer speaks about the following topics:

  • How to solve clinical problems using mobile technology
  • Mobile technology development and entrepreneurship
  • Changing health behaviors with mobile technology
  • The future of diabetes technology
  • Using gamification to change health behaviors
Dr. Dyer is an amazing app innovator and a top-notch keynote speaker.

Jordan Grumet, MD

Jordan Grumet is an internal medicine physician and a hospice medical director.  He has worked in academic as well as private practices, served as medical director of several nursing homes, and created palliative care programs for skilled nursing facilities.  

He is a writer and storyteller who has been published in Medical Economics, the Pharos, the Annals of Internal Medicine, and the Journal of General Internal Medicine. His book, I Am Your Doctor And This Is My Humble Opinion, was published in 2015, and followed by Five Moments: Short Works of Fiction in 2017.

Jordan shares his stories at conferences nationwide, highlighted by an acclaimed performance at the dotMD conference in Dublin, Ireland.

Jordan speaks about the following topics:

  • Bridging the intimacy gap between physician and patient
  • Caring 2.0: social media and the rise of the empathic physician
  • Hospice and the way of the master clinician
  • Doctor and society: an hour of storytelling 
Dr. Grumet is a gifted storyteller on stage. He fights to preserve the humanity that draws people to medicine.

Lipi Roy, MD, MPH

Lipi Roy, MD, MPH is an internal medicine physician, board-certified in addiction medicine, clinical assistant professor at the New York University Department of Population Health, and the medical director of the Kingsboro Addiction Treatment Center in New York City. In her prior role as chief of addiction medicine for New York City jails, she oversaw substance use treatment and recovery efforts at Rikers Island, the nation's second-largest jail.

She was previously a primary care physician to Boston's homeless population, where drug overdose was the leading cause of death. In addition to caring for incarcerated and homeless men and women, she treated the underserved in Nicaragua and India, New Orleans residents affected by Hurricane Katrina, and provided medical relief to earthquake victims in Haiti.

Lipi's mission is to educate and empower the public to make healthy lifestyle decisions through nutrition, mindfulness, and addiction training. She has spoken at the Agents of Change Summit, appeared on CNN and Charlie Rose, and has been featured in the Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, Cooking Light, and Oprah.com.

Lipi speaks about the following topics:

  • Addiction to opioids, alcohol, and tobacco (neurobiology and evidence-based treatment)
  • Homeless health (common medical and psychiatric illnesses; specialized approaches for management, including trauma-informed care)
  • Incarceration and opioid addiction (evidence-based treatment strategies and how the current lack of treatment in setting of mass incarceration is a human rights violation)
Dr. Roy was the best presenter of the conference. Her delivery was current and it provided me with real examples for those working in the trenches of addiction.

C. Nicole Swiner, MD

C. Nicole Swiner, MD, known as “DocSwiner,” is a family physician, two-time best-selling author, blogger, speaker, wife, and mother. She was voted as one of the 10 best doctors in North Carolina in 2017 and is also affectionately known as the “Superwoman Complex” expert and has written two best-selling books on the topic. She loves taking care of the family as a whole: from the cradle to the grave. Her interests include minority health, women’s health, self-care and entrepreneurship.

She attended Duke University, went to medical school at the Medical University of South Carolina, and continues teaching as an adjunct associate professor in family medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. When she’s not treating patients at Durham Family Medicine, she’s speaking locally and nationally, blogging, teaching others to self-publish and spending time with her family.

Her passion is making medicine “plain” to her patients, so that all people, from all walks of life, can understand how to take better care of themselves and their families. In January 2016, she launched her inaugural women’s health conference, called “New Year, New You,” and hosted a sold out crowd filled with 20+ vendors, live music, over 14 speakers, 2 panel discussions and giveaways. It has since been an annual event.

DocSwiner speaks about the following topics:

  • Working smarter and not harder in primary care
  • The Superwo(man) Complex and avoiding physician burnout
  • Tips on transitioning into private practice successfully
  • Physician entrepreneurship and becoming a best-selling author
Not only was Dr. Swiner inspiring, she gave us many useful tactics and ideas. Many of us were at a standstill at how well she described our everyday lives. I appreciated how she went the extra mile unwrapping her gift of knowledge.



Kevin Pho, MD

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Jennifer Shine Dyer, MD, MPH

Jordan Grumet, MD

Lipi Roy, MD, MPH

C. Nicole Swiner, MD



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